Friday, April 17, 2009


We had family pictures done two weeks ago I am thrilled with the result. No exaggeration Maxwell has never acted more difficult EVER compared to the way he acted that day so you can tell by the pics of him he was not having fun! Enjoy:) I love my Pop so dearly and am grateful to Kate for being our photographer I will treasure these pictures forever!

Friday, October 24, 2008

You gonna be nice with me? I gonna be nice with you,

Recently Maxwell has decided that he no longer wants to nap anymore. I am convinced that it is not time yet so every day this week I have put him down at about one like I usually do but he is just not having it. I try negotiating, taking things away ect. but nothing works. I am so ready to relax by like 2 o clock he notices my irritation when he refuses to sleep. The other day I just put him to bed and kept putting him back in bed over and over again because he kept getting out. He could tell I was angry because I would not say anything I would just angrily grab him and place him in bed. After probably the 2oth time I went in there he got scared and he asked me "are you gonna be nice with me mommie? I gonna be nice with you. It made me so sad. He was basically asking if I was going to be mad at him and telling me he was going to be a good boy. I just let him stay up the rest of the day even though he wanted to nap at like 7 pm I still made him stay up. I love my little Maxwell and yes Max I am gonna be nice with you!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"I gonna be freee"

Today Maxwell turns three or in his words "FREEEE." I can't believe that three years ago at this moment I would be meeting Maxwell in just 7 hours. Right about now three years ago my water is about to break and then labor really began. I can't believe that three years ago I could decide I wanted to do something like go see a movie or go take a nap and I would not have any little thing holding me back from doing those things. I don't really miss those days at all. When I am packing diaper bags and awake at 2 am, and elbows deep in a diaper I have to laugh because to someone who isn't a mother maybe those things seem like no fun but I am grateful to know how blessed I am to even have these little ones. People who choose not to have children can not even comprehend the joy they bring. When they learn something new, hold their arms out to you for the first time, or say your name for the first time it just makes you realize how amazing life is and why we are here working so hard to raise them. I love my Maxwell so much. Anyone close to us knows how much life is in him. He is so funny so disobedient at times but always loving even at his worst moments. I have a new found love for him now that we have Essa. He just loves his baby brother. He calls him "little buddy'' and it makes me want to cry like a baby. When they are in the bath together or playing in the toy room together I actually do cry. Just looking at how much Essa is learning from him is so neat (but also kinda scary) To my Maxwell on his birthday I hope you know I love you, I am pleased with how you are getting better each day. I grow up more than you each day because you teach me selflessness and you motivate me to be better each day. I love how you always want a haircut after a client leaves (sometimes I have multiple clients a day resulting in multiple fake haircuts) I love seeing your cute bare butt because we are potty training and you love to take off your underwear but not so much put them back on. I love how I find you sometimes in the mornings in your brothers crib. I love how you first thing in the morning demand mealk (milk) and pink cereal (fruit loops) and how you always want chicken but would never consider eating it without ranch. I love how you love the movie Cars so much I hear the songs from it in my sleep and I love how if we are in public and you hear a song from the soundtrack you light up and smile so big. I love hearing your voice on the other end of the phone. I love your reaction when dad gets home from work. I love how you like to know every ones name and are always concerned where everyone in your family is at any given moment. I love that after your weekly nosebleed you like a bandaid right across your nose! I love that you always remember to say prayers even when I am mid bite you will remind me that it has not been blessed. I love being able to see your development first hand. Most of all I love that you always forgive me at the end of the day for my shortcomings and you love me the same no matter what. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXWELL!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


"I potty train,'' these are the words that Maxwell speaks to me multiple times on a daily basis but of course his understanding of these words is limited! To Max, "I POTTY TRAIN" translates to the following: First he completely undresses then he sits on the toilet (I wish I could show you how he gets on it it is hilarious) then he sits.....nothing. Next without successfully "going" he hops of and urinates on the floor! After my minor breakdown every 30 or so times this happens, I clean it up and successfuly de-stink the bathroom just to have him do the following 1 hour later.
He completely undresses, plays with himself while sitting on the toilet and without going again runs to me demanding a gummy bear as a reward. BTY sorry if this thing offended anyone but I don't know how else to word it! I am still at home changing a diaper every thirty min or so between the two! HELP ME!!!!

My little chef

Don't stay at home mothers love it when the escape for a couple of hours and see what happens when they leave the kids with dad for a couple of hours? Well I do, and tonight was enrichment night with the Relief Society. While I was out learning to crochet Maxwell decided to make a salad. He got a bowl and stuffed it with the pre-washed pre-cut hearts of romaine lettuce and then he got my favorite organic cesar dressing and made himself a post dinner snack. I thought it was so cute to come home and hear that. It is also a pleasure to see Jeremy get a taste of what happens when you turn your head for just 2 min. The only sad part of this story is the predictable part and that is that Maxwell used the whole container of dressing!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I have this new calling with in primary and am feeling so overwhelmed. Not only do I have the calling of teaching children at home but now I have others children in my care for 2 hours a week. It is such a responsibility. I love these kids so much and I just met them all last week. I don't want to let them down. I have faith that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he gave me this calling but it is hard because I feel so illequipted. I am hard on myself and because Maxwell is so disobedient I feel I have failed him, I don't want to fail anyone else. This weeks lesson is on forgiveness! Wish me luck with these 7 beautiful 4 year olds!